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Churches will contacted directly before being added to the website.


What is Expected of the Church?

(1) Commit to being in the fight with us for reparations in your state and nationally. 

(2) Commit to encouraging your congregation to watch the Reparations Lecture Series.

(3) Commit to speaking with Legislators in your state and nationally about reparations legislation.

(4) If you are in Georgia, commit to participating in the "Finishing The Dream" Rally in Liberty Plaza at the Georgia Capitol on February 6, 2024 from 11am - 1pm. 

(5)  And Pastors, if GOD so leads you, preach a sermon about reparations and let us know so that we may share it with others.

What Can the Church Expect?

  • Promotion of your church in the Black Film Festival. 

  • Listing of your church in each episode of the Reparations Sunday Docuseries AND here on the Reparations Sunday website.

  • Sharing of your sermons about reparations on the Reparations Sunday YouTube Channel.

  • Weekly Zoom to receive updates specific to the Reparations Movement and our efforts to help you reach new parishioners.

How Does a Church Enroll?

The Pastor/Church Leadership simply complete the ENROLL A CHURCH form (below if viewing on a mobile device) AND click here to make a monthly sponsor commitment of any amount that suits your church budget.

How Long Does It Take to be Listed on the Site?

Once the ENROLL A CHURCH form in submitted and the sponsor contribution is received, we will verify enrollment within 2-business days.  The website is updated within 2-3 business days. 

Is There an Enrollment Period or  Further Commitment?

No, there is no enrollment period and no further commitment. The church can end the enrollment at any time via PayPal by stopping payment of the sponsor commitment and simply sending an Email to Reparations Sunday.  The church will be removed from the website within 2-3 business days.  No monies will be refunded and no monies will be owed to either Reparations Sunday or to the church.

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